We innovate
brilliantly simple games

The science of repeat play

Betting experts and serial entrepreneurs collaborate to design games people want to play – and play again.

Robust and secure technology

Flexible, bulletproof products designed to work efficiently with your systems at scale.

Analysing every last detail

A new perspective on player and product performance, including new player feedback techniques and bespoke measurement tools.

Happy spenders!

Live leaderboards and interactive in-game experiences bring players back regularly and keep their spend sustainable while giving them something to cheer.

Our Services

Game design

Innovative game formats devised by our expert market-makers

New bet types

Creating new fixed-odds bets and same-game parlays


Free-to-play tokenised economy with prizes or cash rewards

Skill games

Fantasy and pool betting games with network liquidity

Sports lottery

Live sports events can be used to determine the draw


1st, 2nd & 3rd line support with our turnkey solution

Easy integration

APIs and iFrames to fit with your digital real estate and systems


Optional multi-currency or virtual token wallets


See how your players are engaging and measure ROI on games


Team of experienced front and backend developers


The network effect of our partners generates large prize pools

Shared prize pool

Attract new players

Large prize pools facilitate
customer acquisition

Pull players back

Large prize pools drive
customer retention